These flascards are for University courses I am currently- or have previously- taken. They are in the Anki format and can be imported directly into Ankidroid for mobile use (strongly recommended). If you are curious how they fit in my workflow, you can read my post on the subject.


I make no claim to cover the entire course, or even that my cards are correct. These cards may be wrong, get you failed on your entire program, and might eat your kitten. However, if you spot any errors or have any suggestions – please contact me! Keep in mind that making your own flashcards may be a very good way to meditate on what you have learned, and that you may want to make flashcards of your own just for the exercise.

Also, if they actually do eat your kitten, seek professional medical help for the both of you.


Linear Algebra I (autumn 2014)

In Swedish.

Computer Architecture (spring 2015) – 152 cards

Updated 2015-06-02!

These are in Swinglish. Sorry about that, but it seems to be official language of the course. Images are from official lecture videos and hand-outs mainly, but I have tried to make use of previous exams, practice problems and my own personal experience. Examples involving calculations are intentionally made very simple, so as not to require a calculator.

Help is, of course, very welcome.

Operating Systems and Process-Oriented Programming (spring 2016) – 133 cards

Updated 2016-06-10 to include cards on file systems and virtual memory